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Gentleman Quinns™ Blunt Company // Denver, Colorado


Independently owned & operated Colorado Pre-Roll Marijuana Manufacturing Facility, Gentleman

Quinns™ has been hand crafting since 2015.

Featuring the flagship product, High Class Big Ass Blunt™, distinguished by the unique hand rolled process that ensures a uniform look, feel, and smoke.


Fashioned in an exclusively formulated hemp wrap and individually selected strains. We guarantee Cured Full Flower flavors are captured in every blunt. All products are lab tested and certified, ensuring the absence of pesticides, contaminants and metals.

No trim, no shake, no run, no tobacco or nicotine.


Only Skill. 

JARELL WALL //Co-Founder, CEO, Creative Director


G. QUINN // Certified Professional Bluntador

JEFFREY FINCH // Shareholder/Executive Board

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